Senin, 31 Januari 2011

Lens Battle 50/1,4 lenses

Updated February 14th 2011
Planar HFT Rollei made in Germany vs Planar ZE made in Japan
The 1rst is HFT coat

 The 1rst is HFT coat

There's battle between CZ HFT Planar 50/1,4 vs SMC M Pentax 50/1,4 shot @ 2,8 HERE

All shot wide open
CZ HFT Planar @1/30
SMC M Pentax @1/60

Yahica ml @1/30

Yashica ml @1/60

Lens Battle : Trioplan vs Canon FD SSC, (100/2,8 )

These 4 photos taken wide open
FD 100/2,8 ssc
FD 100/2,8 ssc

Trioplan 100/2,8

Trioplan 100/2,8

Sabtu, 29 Januari 2011

Yashica ML 50/1,4

Yashica ML 50/1,4

It has 0,5 meter minimum distance. Longer than My HFT CZ Planar & SMC M Pentax (both has 0,45m).
Same speed as the Planar, which means Pentax is fastest



Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Canon FD 100/2.8 SSC

Got this lens some months ago, in original mount. The modification took sooo long. (He was sick). I almost forgot about this lens. Very compact for 100mm lens, (Compared to Meyer Trioplan 100/2,8)
Well I remember Pentacon 100/2,8 is short too. looks same length as 35/2 SSC i own recently.

I use AF confirm Chip adapter which always show f1,4 in all aperture, so ignore the EXIF :)




Senin, 17 Januari 2011

Tokina 35-70/4 RMC Nikon AI mount

This is the first zoom manual lens I bought in digital era (there's Yashica ML zoom 28-70/3,5-5,6 sleep in my bag, bought in film era)

updated pictures

old soldier

Bringing some lenses with my son around sometimes gave me trouble. I had to watched out him, so I could not used lenses I brought. So I think I need zoom lens.
Biggest aperture 4, so I thought  it must be used in clear day to get good image. But I tried @ 5pm... Samples here taken in evening, with high ISO. Not bad I guess.

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