Selasa, 27 Januari 2015

Meopta Meostigmat 50/1

The lens in original shape
Back part was cut and put in helicoid thinnest adapter

 this is fixed distance. the lens was attached directly hand held, no adapter yet.
So to reach farther distance up to infinty, it's rear part must be cut.
Now the lens is modified, ready to be used in NEX series.
Somehow it has slight fall off on corners, because the back lens is too close to sensor.
As a fast lens f1, it has good sharpness at wide open. It would be difficult to add aperture by the way.
So here it is.
the bokeh test


Sabtu, 24 Januari 2015

Bausch & Lomb Super Cinephor E.F. 3.00in (76.2mm) f/1.8

The  lens maker from Rochester New York, Bausch & Lomb has good reputation of it's high quality product.  This 35mm film projector  lens is nice sample of the reputation. even my copy has kind of discoloration on the inner glass, I guess it was due heat of the projector that effected on coating. Body is solid metal. Some say it has petzval design, I haven't check it yet. But the results showing some similar touch with petzval/biotar type.Sharpness is good, CA is appear but only little. it must be zoom 100% to see the fringing.

 All shot with NEX5+Helicoid adapter, wide open (no aperture added yet)

Jumat, 23 Januari 2015

Tamron adaptal 24/2,5

I heard/read a good review about this lens before. and there's a chance to get it in bargain price, with fungus inside.
When it's delivered, I checked the aperture, oh no its stuck wideopen.
after texted the seller we agreed to return the lens.
Before I returned it, I made some test shots.
wide open performance is good.
All shots with NEX5+Lens turbo Zongyi

cropped from above


Sabtu, 10 Januari 2015

Leitz Wetzlar Elmaron 150/2,8

Interesting projector lens from Leitz. I tried Colorplan 90/2,5 and Hektor 10cm/2,5 including this lens, all have different style.
taken with Gaumont Kalee 70/1,8
The same advantage is (if) you found it include the focusing mechanism. One thing for sure all 3 were made for different projectors. Colorplan was for Pradovit, I dont know about this one yet.
This Elmaron has similar results with Hektor, but better handling strong light.

Using Lensturbo and NEX5

Kamis, 08 Januari 2015

Gaumont- Kalee Colour Corrected Bloomed 70/1.8

Very rare lens which was made by A Kershaw & Sons Leeds.
The lens is quite heavy for it's size. I measured with the hood+ring 800 grams.

Back focus is long enough, so it can be used in DSLR and reach infinity, which is surprised me. Generally 70mm projection lens cannot achieved infinity in DSLR.
There's glowing on focused object, remind me of Trioplan 100 and Leitz Hektor 100/2,5, best for portrait I think.
Some purple fringing on high contrast object.
I'm pleased with the bokeh.

All with NEX5

ISO 1600

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