Rabu, 27 April 2011

CZ Sonnar T* 135/2,8 C/Y

An upgrade for CZ Jena 135/3,5 is made in Japan Sonnar 135/2,8 T*.
This one is sharp in wide open, but shows more CA.

Good color. high contrast.

All shots wide open
cropped from picture below

Selasa, 19 April 2011

Jena 50/2,8 M42

I got this lens in a nice condition, there's pain loss, but that's OK.

It looks similar with CZ Jena Tessar 50/2,8.It has leathered finish, which is make different to Tessar

Sources told me that Jena or Aus Jena was East Germany Version of Carl Zeiss. This brand was used only for exported items, which is known has better quality control.
I had CZ Jena Tessar before. It's not as sharp as this lens.Surprise me.
This lens is sharp, even wide open. no joke!

Sabtu, 16 April 2011

Super Takumar 85/1,9 M42

I saw some good images taken with Takumar 85/1,9 on net. Actually I don't wanna buy it. I got this lens by traded with my Asahi Pentax extension tube. Yes, of course I've to add some cash.

Jumat, 15 April 2011

Schneider kreuznach Xenar 135/3,5 M42 edixa

 all picture at f3,5
 Sharp lens in wide open. check this out.

lensa pinjeman

Kumpul bareng anak-anak LM Jogja di warung Purawisata Yogyakarta.
Saya datang telat,  sudah cukup rame. Disambut dengan hangat oleh teman-teman.
Foto berikut bukan jepretan saya. Tapi menggunakan kamera saya, entah siapa dan apa lensanya.

Rabu, 13 April 2011

Accessories & bokeh

Last night I played with my wife's accessories.
Sony NEX combined with, Yashica ML 55/1,2, Volna 9, Kiron 105, FD 55/1,2 ssc, and FD 35/2 ssc.
Some with flash, some without flash. Wide open and one @f5,6 specially volna 9 for star bokeh.

Yashica ML 55/1,2 wide open

Volna 9 f5,6 I like star bokeh!

Volna9 wide open

Kiron 105/2,8 wide open

Canon FD 55/1,2 SSC wide open

Canon FD 35/2 SSC wide open

Senin, 11 April 2011

Canon FD 55/1,2 SSC & Yashica ml 55/1,2

FD SSC lens has more weight than ML
                  Closest distance;      Filter
Canon              0.6 m                 58mm
Yashica            0.5 m                 55mm

Rabu, 06 April 2011

Yashica ML 55/1,2

Got it in ugly condition, paint loss everywhere and little front coating loss too.
Why I bought it too? itsn't cheap anyway.
'coz the color produce by this lens is incredible. Its better than zuiko, fd ssc or nikon (55/50 f1,2)

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