Jumat, 17 Januari 2014

Topcor Auto RE 20/4 Tokyo Kogaku

Images below were taken with this lens and Sony NEX5

You won't get bokeh thing with this lens, it has 0,3m MFD, Flektogon 20/4 has closer. but this lens sharper I think.


Rabu, 15 Januari 2014

Tokyo Kogaku Topcor RE GN M 50/1,4

I had 135/3,5 of this brand, it's great lens. Curious of famous brand Topcon, I was lucky to get this lens in reasonable price. it has fungus and not mint condition, but I'm happy with it. ebay price is very high of this rare radioactive lens.

I heard this lens was the latest product of real Topcon before Cosina rebranded.

Senin, 06 Januari 2014

Yashica ML 35/2,8

Yashica ML series lenses are known as the best of Yashica. Some say they build ML Series with Zeiss formula. So this 35/2,8 lens is called poor man's Distagon 35/2,8.
MFD is written 0.3m, not close enough for macro.

wide open, closes distance.
Using Lens turbo on NEX5


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