Selasa, 01 Desember 2015

PZO Amar 105/4,5

It's been long time since I bought last enlarger lens. I got very tempting offer. I couldn't resist.
So here it is PZO Amar P105/4,5 with scratch on front coating.
All shots with Sony NEX5+Lens turbo, the combo is great, even on edges.
All wide open except the infinity shot at f8

The Flare

 Here crop of right corner
cropped from above

Minggu, 01 November 2015

Rodenstock c Heligon 50/2

Rodenstock C Heligon 50/2 was harvested from this Kodak Retina Reflex camera (earlier post about this HERE ) the advance lever got stuck, so I decided to opened it. It turned out like this LOL..

Camera lens mechanism is not easy to handle, very different with previous cameras I opened. The words Synchro-Compur really make chalenge, how to open and make aperture blade & shutter blade controlled. I haven't managed to.. So this is now all wide open.
Dof is so thin, and look at the smoothness..

Taking picture of white flower often not easy, some lenses cannot show the detail of flower. This lens does the job nicely

final appearance for now

Petri Orikkor Kuribayashi AC 4,5cm/1,9

This one is from Petri range finder camera
I like this lens. sharpness, bokeh, 3D, colour, contrast...what else..?

cropped to see more detail

Senin, 26 Oktober 2015

Meyer Gorllitz Optik Trioplan 50/2,9 Welta camera

I have Welta Welti I range finder camera with fixed Meyer Gorllitz Optik  Trioplan 50/2,9 lens. It was in good condition. But when I tested with BW 35mm film, it's shutter stuck. I have some picture from the film though, but not satisfied, either because of the expired film or bad metering and missfocus. The only way to get shutter being fixed is disamble the lens.
I could not fixed the shutter blade yet, so it cannot be fully open now. the blade remain like this.
Now here it is the lens performance on digital cam.

sharp at center, soft at edge

Rabu, 07 Oktober 2015

Playing with flare & OOF

OOF or out of focus area or for some people call it bokeh or boke combined with original light flare from the lens. The lens is SK Xenon 50/1,9

Senin, 07 September 2015

Bell & Howell 3'/f2 Incra-Lite

It's appearance remind me of Taylor Hobson 16mm projector series. I thought it's TTH lens. But it turned out it's made in USA.
16mm projector lenses usually have same character, most of them have swirly OOF and sharp at center only. However, there's exception that some of them can make sharp image at edges, well of course not as sharp as at center. My A Seibert Wetzlar 75/1,6 is one of them. I was surprised to know that this lens is one of the few one.
here's edge sharpness sample

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