Selasa, 21 April 2015

Carl Zeiss Jena Visionar 1,6/55

As you might know, Visionar series of projector lenses were sold under ROW and Zeiss brand. This is the first one I have with Zeiss brand. Appearance looks similar with other Visionars I have.
Shot with Olympus EPM1, no adapter yet, handheld only

These 3 were shot with Sony NEX5 last night available light.

on daylight with NEX5

Senin, 06 April 2015

almost macro, at home

It's been a while since last time I shot tiny creatures. Most in mind, shooting real macro shot must be taken at  ideal place, like river bank, forest, large garden etc.

EPM1+Rogonar-s 75/4,5
Actually the creatures are everywhere, even inside home.  Allahu Akbar, imagine if the spider has same size as human, maybe we're their food.
nex, rodagon 40/4

NEX, Volna9

EPM1, SK Xenoplan 35/1,9

NEX, Volna9

EPM1, SK Xenoplan 35/1,9

nex, rodagon50/2,8

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backyard Reptile

Topcon 135/3,5 RE Minolta Rokkor 500/8 Topcon 135/3,5 RE ROW Visionar 154/1,9