Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Zenitar 16mm/2,8 mount PK

Untuk uraian for detail click di link Zenitar 16mm/2,8 M42

Taman Pintar f8
open wide

 f 11 or 16 

forgot the f, flashed

forgot the f, flashed

f 5,6

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Macro with Reversed lens

Not everyone can have Macro lens, it is more expensive than normal lens, in the same range/aperture. So if we don't have macro lens, but want to do macro photography, we can do this alternative. Reversed lens.

x-Fujinon 50/1,6 DM
cropped 100% from below

Reversed lens can do with other lens too. It joined/combined using male to male adapter.
In this case I use FD 50/1,2 SSC in front and ennalyt 135/3,5 in camera body.
almost dead ant

cropped 100% from above

Oh, by the way those are different ant. The first one is bigger than second.

cropped from below

Yashica zoom 28-70/3,5 in body + Yashica ML 50/2 

Nikon 200/4 + FD 50/1,2 ssc

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010

My ultimate Model

Domiplan 50/2,8
Zenitar M2 50/2
Zenitar M2 50/2

Canon FD 35/2 Concave nose
Zenitar M2 50/2
His name is Ihya Ahsani Zulfa Atmaji born on November 5th 2008
Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135/3,5 MC DDR

Revuenon 135/2,8
Carl Zeiss Sonnar 135/3,5 MC DDR

Canon ixus

Few days age.

Here taken with Dopod 2 mega pixel, and has been on my device till now

the left was taken with Canon 40D the right with Dopod 810

Age: 3 days taken with 40D
early hold 1000D, with kit lens of course

Find something in his ear?

Vivitar 28/2,5
Helios 135/2

Summicron 50/2

Helios 44-3

Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Carl Zeiss Planar 50/1,4 HFT

I got it  plus adapter Rollei-EOS, hood, and original caps., but it doen't get infinity with adapter provided in My EOS. Then my friend suggested me to adjust the focusing ring. After bought the right screw driver, I unscrewed the focusing ring, then find the infinty. And that's it. I screwed again. Now it gets infinity, look at Merapi picture below.

scratches in back glass

3D test

At Kawasaki Photo Contest

At Jogja Java Carnival October 16th 2010, all with flash, very difficult to focus on dark

Berat nian bajunya

Lovely bokeh

Perbandingan dengan SMC M Pentax 50/1,4

This len is good for close shot

Entri yang Diunggulkan

backyard Reptile

Topcon 135/3,5 RE Minolta Rokkor 500/8 Topcon 135/3,5 RE ROW Visionar 154/1,9