Rabu, 19 September 2012

Konica Hexanon 28/3,5 AE & Schneider Kreuznach Curtagon 28/4

First of all, Curtagon was my favourite  amongst 28mm lenses. I just curious of the hexanon which said to be good one. Just got my Hexanon few days ago. Find other post of both lens in here( Hexanon)  and Curtagon, here.

  • Based on This Schneider site My Curtagon was made in 1967 while Hexanon AR (which has Focusing ring with checkered rubber inlay, Smallest aperture 16, 7 elements in 7 groups, Green AE mark and Round AE lock button) according to This Konica site was made around 1975.
  • Dimension: Curtagon is  smaller but it's little heavier
  • Closest focus: Curtagon has 0,25m mark, but it can be turn closer. while Hexanon has 0,3m.
  • Sharpness in wide open; I can say curtagon is little bit better, maybe half stop slower make different. Hexanon is sharp too, even at infinity.
  • CA control ; Hexanon has lots of CA, worst in wideopen, reduced little stopped down. Curtagon has little in wideopen
  • Contrast: Hexanon has better result, later production bring newer coating I guess.
  • I wrote before that "I haven't make comparison for infinity distance yet, but I think both has almost similar result". Then I realized something different. It's about edges sharpness. Curtagon win in this case. Hexanon soft at edges. (at least I tried at f8)

Here we go the short comparison I took this morning

pictures below are center crop at wideopen. see CA control,

SK Curtagon
on Following images, please Click image to see bigger size
both here at F5,6, see the color/contrast


Bokeh at 0,3m distance, I think it's at f5.6 Curtagon has 5 angle star bokeh, hexanon 6 angle star (we know what hexa mean ;D)


Flare test


Selasa, 18 September 2012

Konica Hexanon AR 28/3,5 AE

According to  This Konica site this lens was made around 1975
  • Focusing ring with checkered rubber inlay
  • Smallest aperture 16
  • 7 elements in 7 groups
  • Green AE mark
  • Round AE lock button
  • 55 filer ring

Some people mentioned this lens if someone asking for good 28mm lens. This is reason why I want to try it. I'm already have Schneider Curtagon 28/4 which I think the best 28mm I ever have.Curtagon is more expensive than this lens.
Other 28mm I 've tried are:
Leitz Elmarit 28/2,8
Enna Munchen 28/3,5
Vivitar/kiron 28/2,5
Tamron adaptall2 28/2,5
Enna Munchen 28/3,5
Pentax SMC 28/3,5

There're only tamron and curtagon left to compare with this hexanon. I guess its better than tamron, looks as good as curtagon, here comparison of Curtagon & this lens

New Ngasem market, background is Pulau Cemeti

between F8 and 11
First impression;
Sharp lens. from closest distance to infinity.contrasty. it has some CA.


crop from above

Sabtu, 15 September 2012

CZ Distagon 35/1,4 HFT rollei

The rare Distagon 35/1,4 HFT produce triangle shape bokeh which come from same shape blades. it only came in Rollei QBM mount. C/Y version mount has no such shape.

Jumat, 14 September 2012

CZ Vario Sonnar 80-200/4 T*

This lens was made in Japan version. it has minimum focus distance 1 meter, close enough for macro work at 200mm. Filter thread is 55mm, without built in hood.
I like its handling, not too heavy for metal zoom lens. focusing is smooth.
One thing I don't like; aperture ring at the end of lens, too close so that if I use with adapter, not easy to change aperture.
Spec from
Lens Composition13 elements, 10 groupsLens Elements
Angular Field 30 degrees 30’ ~ 12 degrees 10’
Minimum Focus1m (3.5 ft.)

F stop scale f4-5.6-8-11-16-22
Filter connection Screw-in type
Lens Hood55mm G-11 soft hood, screw-in type No.5 metal hood, screw in type: (with 55/86 ring)
Weight680 grams (1.5 lbs.)
Lens Size67x l60.5mm (2 5/8x6-5/16 in)
Lens Cap55mm K-51, snap type

All shot below, wide open, sharpness is quiet impressive


crop from above

CZ Sonnar 135/2,8 HFT Rollei

I have Contax/Yashica mount of this lens with T* coating.
This lens is my friend's gem. I compared both lenses. Results; no big difference.
this lens is lighter than T* one. and bit more difficult to get focus, if I turned focusing ring just a little, it will missfocus, specially at wide open shot.

Chromatic abberration or purple fring easily appear in this picture, I think I will get same result with T* lens.
Stepdown, it is easy to get sharp image

Rabu, 12 September 2012

Wollensak 1 inch/1,9 cine

credit to Von ARP

This lens has unique character. As you might know c-mount lenses under 35mm has vignete on Sony NEX.
This vignette usually go thicker if stop down. but this lens do opposite, stop down will be thinner vignete.
vignete full
cropped,  to see sharpness in centre which  is good

Rabu, 05 September 2012

Play with Irfanview

Irfanview is a free photo editing. it's very light, good for user who want fast editing. You can download it from HERE.
Usually I use Irfanview, only for tweak contrast, brightness, sharpen, crop, border and auto level.
It has some fun feature actually.
Here's what I played with color and effect.

I only played with swap colors and border of course
Bangsal Kepatihan, shot with Miranda 24/2,8
swap color & twirl effect
Wasp whot with Fujian 35/1,7
Swap color & edge detection effect
Kucing shot with Isco Westrocolor 50/1,9
Edge detection, negative and swap colors. Original file of this picture HERE
SHot with Carl Zeiss Planar 50/1,8

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