Kamis, 20 Juni 2013

New system, Olympus E-PM1

I dont really like m4/3 system  being 2x crop factor is kind of toy to me. However, some nice cmount lenses tempting me get it. some people convince me that color is bette than NEX. We'll see.
this is main reason why I bought M4/3 camera,

SK Xenoplan 35/1,9 Industrial lens.. Link about this lens on Sony NEX > HERE
It has slight vignete on 4:3 mode like in picture below.

vignete dissapear for closer object

Kodak Cine Ektar 25/1,9 kodak M mount (not Leica M) however, on EPM1 can reach infinity with slight vignete on corner

Selasa, 18 Juni 2013

Vivitar projection lens 85/2,8

I got this all plastic body lens cheaply in flea market. results remind me of Meyer optik lenses. surprise!

Soft, but still has detail, nice for portrait I guess, but I haven't tried yet.
All wide open, no aperture LOL..

Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Steinheil Munchen Tele Quinar 135/3,5 M39

This lens is for SLR M39, not M39 aka LTM rangefinder. But it has short register as SLR one. I guess it's for Braun paxette M39 SLR. It's tiny and has MFD 3 meters, too long for common SLR, remind me of Voigtlander super dynarex which has 4 meters MFD.
In My Sony NEX I use extension tube + LTM-NEX adapter to reach infinity. I really like it's compact size and beautiful silver/chrome finish. Everyone will watching it :D
There's one thing that I like about results with this lens, I can see 3D in most of results than other lens, specially 135mm lens.
 shots at wide open aperture except last one

ISO 400 or 800

Volna 3, 80/2,8 Pentacon 6 mount

The lens has light fungus, it's heavier, fatter and bulky than Vega 90/2,8
All pictures in wideopen  aperture
The first 4 shot at ISO 800. indoor.

Selasa, 04 Juni 2013

Kaleinar-5N or Калейнар-5Н 100/2.8 MC

lens design from

This lens has good reputation, it always compared to Nikon 100/2,8 E series.

Minimum focus distance is marked 0,8m, here's sample at closest focus


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