Jumat, 28 April 2017

No name lens

no name lens, probably projector lens, no description except sticker with writing S0027

approx. 70mm f2,8, green coating.
it has blades inside, closed if the optic set to farthest distance. and open when it set to closest distance.
IThat's how to control the aperture.
it looks promising for woman portrait. soft at face will make girl happy
the lens

Jumat, 21 April 2017

Schneider Kreuznach Super-Cinelux 35/2 MC

orrifcial  PDF Sheet
From official PDF sheet HERE
One thing I didn't expected about this lens is the size, I thought it has smaller/shorter barrel than 62,5mm ES cinelux. I was wrong. It's longer, and even has heavier hood. make it handsome lens though.
So far, the results ;
  • Sharp as expected
  • It has relative wide dof, good for indoor meeting, streetshot etc.
  • Nice flare
  • some CA appear which is acceptable

The first 2 were shot with Sony a6000

The rest pictures below with NEX5

smoke in the background

the flare

Senin, 17 April 2017

Isco Optic Ultra Star HD 65mm

The lens doesn't has description about the maximum light can through, which is usually indicated with the "F" letter. But the rear optic indicate that it has at least f2 like other isco lenses. f2,4 has smaller glass.
the lens identity

It's sharp. yes. at close distance to infinity

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