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Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Elmar 5cm/3,5

selfy on dirty rear mirror
First of all, this is enlarger lens, don't get wrong to LTM version for Leica rangefinder. The mount is same M39 screw, but like other lenses, this one has no focusing ring.

playing with flare

Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

Kern Paillard Switar AR 25/1,4 Cmount

Kern Paillard Switar AR 25/1,4 on Olympus EPM1
You can see fall off on corners. This was at closest distance and wide open. If I turn aperture to smaller it become vignette, getting stronger in smallest aperture. All wide open.

This is not in minimum focus distance, you can see vignette getting stronger than 1rst picture.

Kamis, 06 Februari 2014

Zongyi Lens turbo EOS-NEX adapter

Adapter with optic which can reduce focal length and increase F stop, so that Sony NEX APSC aka crop factor 1,5x become full frame using this adapter. That's sounds very nice, but how about sharpness? Actually lensturbo/speedbooster gives x0,7 wider to crop camera. APSC, sony & Fujix has x1,5 crop. 1,5x0,7 = 1,05 so a 50mm lens will be a 55mm, close to FF but not FF.
I read reviews/reports on internet about it. Some say it reduce sharpness, some say increase. Which one is true? I say, both are true.
Lens turbo combination with different lenses on NEX produce different results.
If we talk about center sharpness, my experience, almost all lenses not reduced much.
in edges (part that NEX APSC actually not covered), most my lenses have significant unsharp.

So, My conclusion so far (not tried all yet):
Sharpness in edges for most lenses can be achived in stopped down, let's say F11 or so, and turn ring focus on edges. then check if center is sharp too.

Some lenses perform better in lens turbo

  • Pentacon 30/3,5
  • Yashica ML 35/2,8
  • Yashica ML 55/1,2
  • Pentax K 50/1,2
  • Isco optic ultra MC 100/2 projector lens
  • ROW Visionar 119/1,9 projector lens
  • Dukane 3" projector lens
  • Fujinon T 100/2,8 EBC
Some perform same
  • CZ Vario Sonnar 80-200/4
  • Meyer Primoplan 58/1,9
  • SK Xenon 50/1,9, less sharp in edges, but OK overall
  • Canon FD 28/2 SSC
  • Minolta Rokkor 28/2 W 
  • A Scahcht Ulm Travegar 100/3,3
  • Topcon 50/1,4 RE GN M
  • CZ Distagon 25/2,8 Rollei
  • Miranda 24/2,8 macro
  • Volna 9, 50/2,8 macro
  • Steinheill Munchen 135/2,8 Auto D tele quinar
Some worse, specially in edges

  • Topcon 20/4 [was converted to M42 (for Nikon user) and it focus ring has pass infinity]...little unsharp in center and worst at edges
  • SK Curtagon 35/2,8 little unsharp in center and worst at edges
  • CZ Biotar 75/1,5 M42, little unsharp in center
  • CZ Planar 50/1,4 HFT little unsharp in center

In my opinion, it's not the lens turbo or the lens on it, if result is worst. I think it's because they're not design for match. So it need to be adjusted in particular way (don't ask me how).

My lens turbo is first generation I guess. It has blue dot in center, when I pointed on strong sunlight. Some people don't like it. I can live with that.
The list maybe changed, I haven't tried all my EF adaptable lenses on it.

Senin, 03 Februari 2014

Rank Taylor hobson 2 inch/3,5

It has very short flange, shorter than other enlarger lenses brand like Rodenstock, Schneider, Leitzat the same focal length. No infinity in Canon DSLR.
This Enlarger lens, as you can see, close enough to real color.

Sabtu, 01 Februari 2014

Rodenstock Rodagon 40/4 WA

Dallmeyer 1,5 inch projection lens

Almost all lenses have something written on it description of focal length (eg. 50mm or 2inch) and it's capability to let light through (eg. F1,4). Projection lens also has this. But not this Dallmeyer lens.

 I saw other Dallmeyer projection lens, only has marked 2,5 inch. This one has 1,5 inch which is approx. 37,5mm. 
I use it on Sony NEX5, slight fall off on corner in certain objects.

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