Rabu, 29 Desember 2010

Meyer Gorlitz Optic Trioplan 100/2,8 Exa mount

This gem is said to be great portrait lens. I agree.
I have it in exakta mount, some dust and dirt inside, but it doesn't effect on IQ.
Edited; I cleaned it, now its clear no fog no fungus etc.

Infinity @f5,6

wide open

wide open

Wide open is sharp enough, and has glow effect on wide open which make picture looks glamour
First shot; all wide open, no edit at all, file size M straight from camera

2 komentar:

  1. Oh, the Meyer Trioplan!
    I love this lens. I have found my Trioplan cheap on a fleamarket with M42 mount. After some cleaning it becomes to one of my main lenses - because of the special bokeh full open, you show here too.

  2. Wow, you're so lucky found it in cheap price. You are not trying Meyer brand before use Trioplan! :D


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