Senin, 21 November 2011

Konica Hexanon AR 85/1,8 EE

I'm curious of Konica glasses. this is my 2nd Hexanon
closest distance is written 1 meter before infinity is 20 meter.
Infinity test.
I edited in PS, as my sensor is dirt, can be seen on picture

It has 55mm filter ring
my opinion at first day 
Almost sharp as Takumar 85/1,9 at wideopen but I can see detail, sharp enough for portrait lens
edited: The different with Takumar regarding sharpness in wide open isn't big. It sharp. only harder to get focus due thin dof.
Shows some CA until f8
Color is pleasing me. natural without any PP and standard camera setting
Usually I must set my Sony NEX to vivid mode to get true green color, With this lens, portrait or landscape mode get true green color. Vivid mode give more contrast, that's it.

bokeh like painting

3 komentar:

  1. apik tenan om hasile...warnane jan...
    Iki adapter konica-nex ana to?

  2. wah mas ndledex selalu pertamax

  3. onten Mas, tumbas saking nagari Cino


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