Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Samyang 8/3,5 EOS Fish eye Aspherical

It's the cheapest fish eye at market now.
Plastic body, but there's  metal part too, at least the mount is.
Sample with Canon 60D

I tried on Sony NEX5, no vignette in 16:9 mode, but slight vignete appear on 3:2 mode (2 diagonal corners, up right & left down). That's fine for me, I shot 16:9 often than 3:2, specially for landscape.
vignete on NEX5, 3:2 mode

on EOS 650 film camera I can see strong vignette, but I haven't printed it out yet. As far I remember my friend Stefan show me pictures that Heliar 15/4,5 has slight vignette on NEX3. I thought this lens will be same. well it doesn't.
At first touch, this lens isn't easy to determine whether it's in focus or not. all look the same.
Sharpness at infinity only achieved step down to F8
Well I don't expect much sharpness from this  fisheye lens. it's 8mm!
not fair to compare it to my Takumar 17/4 which is easy to get sharp at infinity. 
I haven't post the result yet, my connection is awful now.
When I first focusing, this lens is really strange. focus is correct only at 0.3m, beyond that its blurr
I read on google, I found this lens need adjustment. It's common issue for this fisheye. I cannot believe this product must be adjusted by user not by manufacturer!
Well, it's not difficult adjustment, but hey...for new lens?? What are those guys thinking?
Now it's adjusted and function is work as it should be.

Crop from below

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