Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

Kodak Cine Ektar 25/1,9 kodak M mount

Kodak made many photographic product. They have great reputation for long time. Too bad now they're gone. in lenses department they made some nice lenses. According to Ektar is the best grade of their line.

Pro quality lensesAnastigmat EktarEktarEktar
High Quality lensesAnastigmat SpecialAnastarEktanar
Quality lensesAnastigmatAnastonEktanon
Entry level lensesDiway, Bimat, Twindar, KodarKodet, KodarKodet, Kodar

 The lens is the siver one :P 
Just got this lens, no adapter available for NEX yet.
 I try to use it handheld with cmount-nex adapter 
Vignete is strong, it's like using tilt shift adapter :D LOL

full frame on NEX
Sample on Olympus EPM1

There's slight vignete on corner in Olympus EPM1

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