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Zeiss Opton 50/1,5 Contax RF mount

Contax Range Finder mount (It's also called Kiev RF or Nikon RF) has some nice lenses, but it's not popular due high priced adapter to mirrorless cam. some lenses have no focusing helicoid, this 50/1,5 West Germany made too. I got an adapter made from used Kiev camera.
left is adapter made from Kiev camera

Opton means this was made in West Germany. while their counterpart was Jena from East Germany.
Like many other old lenses, this lens has low contrast character.good for B/W results.

From I found interesting information. This was posted by member ZeissFan
Briefly, the breakdown of the Carl Zeiss lenses is this:

1) Carl Zeiss Jena (no red "T"): Prewar uncoated lenses in a heavy chrome mount. Some lenses near the end of World War II were coated and a few are in lightweight alloy. And some prewar lenses were coated by a third party, but these lenses in general will not have any designation on the lens ring. The earliest lenses for the Contax I are in nickel and black mounts -- very handsome and somewhat expensive. Remember, it was the Zeiss lenses that were the key component of the Contax system. Zeiss had an outstanding, sharp f/1.5 lens (Sonnar) well before Leica had a comparable offering.

2) Carl Zeiss Jena "T": For the most part, these are East German lenses and are in lightweight alloy mount. You can feel the weight difference between the East German optic and their West German counterparts.

3) Zeiss-Opton "T": Coated West German lenses in a heavy chrome and steel mount.

4) Carl Zeiss (no "T"): Zeiss dropped the "T" with these final series of coated lenses. Again, a heavy chrome and steel mount.

So Mine is number 3 version. It's heavy chrome and steel.
Color tone remind me of old print in years ago before digital age. take a look at this one

wideopen shots..

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  1. Great idea with that adapter. How did you make it? Or where did you get it from?

    1. Got it from ebay. basically, it use broken Kiev Camera, attach it in LTM-NEX adapter


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