Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Steinheil Munchen Tele Quinar 135/3,5 M39

This lens is for SLR M39, not M39 aka LTM rangefinder. But it has short register as SLR one. I guess it's for Braun paxette M39 SLR. It's tiny and has MFD 3 meters, too long for common SLR, remind me of Voigtlander super dynarex which has 4 meters MFD.
In My Sony NEX I use extension tube + LTM-NEX adapter to reach infinity. I really like it's compact size and beautiful silver/chrome finish. Everyone will watching it :D
There's one thing that I like about results with this lens, I can see 3D in most of results than other lens, specially 135mm lens.
 shots at wide open aperture except last one

ISO 400 or 800

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