Selasa, 01 Juli 2014

Paillard-Bolex 70/1,6, Hifi projector lens

Bolex HiFi projection lens for 16mm Bolex projectors >Bolex S221 and S321 <
According to this source The S221 projector made in 1960s, S321 was made in 1968. so it goes for the lens, let's say it was made between 1960-1968.

Similar character with Taylor hobson 16mm projector lenses, and common C mount lenses like Cosmicar 75mm, Soligor, Elitar etc at wide open of course. I tried Kern Paillard 75/2,8  C mount lens, this lens is better.. 
At least I know two version of this lens. The other version has bigger indention on body. I dont know the difference yet. My friend has the other version. Someday I will compare both.
All shots with NEX

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