Minggu, 02 Agustus 2015

Specto 1,5 inch/f1,9 Projector lens

I found this little lens on an antique store. It's body remind me of my Dalmeyer 1,5 inch.
I never know this "Specto" brand before. So I just bought it.
Then searching in google...found this site quote from that site
The lens, captured with Meopta 701,4

The machine was supplied with a 1.5 inch (35mm) focal length Dallmeyer lens of around f1.9 aperture in a 25mm mount...'s Dallmeyer in disguise.I found on ebay seller who selling Specto projector, he said his item fitted with taylor Hobson 1,5 inch/f1,9 lens. Could it be TTH lens? I doubt about it. As TTH 16mm lens has smaller coverage. even 2 inch supertal TTH has strong vignette on mirrorless APSC cam.The results are similar to Dalmeyer 1,5 which is very unique. Here it is...4 images shot with NEX5

And  with EPM1 below
This one was shot with dalmeyer 1,5", see how similar to Specto

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