Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

Playing with anamorphic lens

I have this lens attachment for projector lens for awhile,  Rathenower Rectimascope 48/2x. I dont have time to play with it. Because it has to be clamped on front of normal lens.

I have to stopped down at least f5,6-f8 to get sharp enough image.
I put it in Meyer Trioplan N 100/2,8 V handheld, because I dont have the right setup.
First sample the image strected horizontally, the 2nd one was vertically
anamorphic twisted wide, everything including the man looks fat LOL

anamorphic set, everything looks thinner
after edited to make it right

original with trioplan, without anamorphic
This one is with Minolta Rokkor 35-70/3,5 at 70mm, shorter than 70mm will add vignette

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