Kamis, 04 Februari 2016

YASHICA HALF17 & Fuji Superia 200

Yashica half17 is a half frame film camera with fixed 32/1,7 Yashinon lens 

blades sometimes doesn't close correctly, which affect for wasting some frames. specially on 1,7 and bulb mode.

Selenium/light meter isn't working well, so I set in my mind the speed about 1/45-1/60, then light meter with Android based Beecam light meter on my old Hisense smartphone.

Fuji film I used was expired in 2013, process by lab, and I shot the film again using Sony NEX (sensor is dirty, it affect the results, looks like scratches, I leave it that way :D) and Kiron 105/2,8 lens, simple edit with Irfanview

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