Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Macro with Reversed lens

Not everyone can have Macro lens, it is more expensive than normal lens, in the same range/aperture. So if we don't have macro lens, but want to do macro photography, we can do this alternative. Reversed lens.

x-Fujinon 50/1,6 DM
cropped 100% from below

Reversed lens can do with other lens too. It joined/combined using male to male adapter.
In this case I use FD 50/1,2 SSC in front and ennalyt 135/3,5 in camera body.
almost dead ant

cropped 100% from above

Oh, by the way those are different ant. The first one is bigger than second.

cropped from below

Yashica zoom 28-70/3,5 in body + Yashica ML 50/2 

Nikon 200/4 + FD 50/1,2 ssc

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