Rabu, 30 Maret 2011

Kiron 105/2,8 MACRO

I read about this lens for long time, while I was searching for good price.
About a month ago my friend offered me to collected money to bought some lenses. Good news, this lens was included. The lens arrived 2 days ago in excellent condition. But I sold my Canon EOS.
Well doing macro with Sony NEX isn't easy, specially with this tele. And I don't have time now to make a good picture. So it will be continued...

set brightness in Photoshop

first test

Kiron merupakan produsen lensa kelas atas di jamannya. Saya baca di literatur internet di link bawah ini, mereka memberikan jaminan 5 tahun untuk lensa! 
Baca tentang Brand "Kiron" DI SINI  & disini

2 pix below is wide open & 1 step down, you can see little CA in wide open

100% crop
from below
This macro shot taken without flash, its really difficult take it with NEX than EOS.

5 komentar:

  1. this is my first visit to this blog, aare you selling this lens? waiting for your reply. Thank's. Daud

  2. Thank You Daud for visiting my blog, I'm sorry this lens isn't for sale. This is my dream lens.

  3. I understand. wise decision, thank's for your reply.
    NB: That's my dream lens too....

  4. mau q kalo di jual.... liat contohnya kereen2

  5. maap ga dijual, hasilnya msh jauh dr keren untuk lensa ini, hrsnya bs lbh jos, sy susah make di NEX, shake mulu


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