Senin, 28 Maret 2011

New gear; SONY NEX5

My friend asked me to search for 2nd hand camera. He gave me some money. I sold my eos 1000D to him :D
Then I bought used Sony Nex5.
First feeling? Weird! Changing from EOS to NEX system really annoying.
Yeah.. I should try it right?
Since I got it used condition without any software nor manual. I have to search myself for ARW editor. Sony site doesn't provide it in XP. So I download it from here whcih is faster than Sony site (esupport).
This first shot with elmarir 28

With Zenitar M 50/1,7
iso maximum 

Shot behind car glass

Flektogon 20/2,8

edited in lightroom

Canon FD 35/2 SSC
Meyer gorlitz Lydith 30/3,5 exa

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