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Konica Hexanon 28/3,5 AE & Schneider Kreuznach Curtagon 28/4

First of all, Curtagon was my favourite  amongst 28mm lenses. I just curious of the hexanon which said to be good one. Just got my Hexanon few days ago. Find other post of both lens in here( Hexanon)  and Curtagon, here.

  • Based on This Schneider site My Curtagon was made in 1967 while Hexanon AR (which has Focusing ring with checkered rubber inlay, Smallest aperture 16, 7 elements in 7 groups, Green AE mark and Round AE lock button) according to This Konica site was made around 1975.
  • Dimension: Curtagon is  smaller but it's little heavier
  • Closest focus: Curtagon has 0,25m mark, but it can be turn closer. while Hexanon has 0,3m.
  • Sharpness in wide open; I can say curtagon is little bit better, maybe half stop slower make different. Hexanon is sharp too, even at infinity.
  • CA control ; Hexanon has lots of CA, worst in wideopen, reduced little stopped down. Curtagon has little in wideopen
  • Contrast: Hexanon has better result, later production bring newer coating I guess.
  • I wrote before that "I haven't make comparison for infinity distance yet, but I think both has almost similar result". Then I realized something different. It's about edges sharpness. Curtagon win in this case. Hexanon soft at edges. (at least I tried at f8)

Here we go the short comparison I took this morning

pictures below are center crop at wideopen. see CA control,

SK Curtagon
on Following images, please Click image to see bigger size
both here at F5,6, see the color/contrast


Bokeh at 0,3m distance, I think it's at f5.6 Curtagon has 5 angle star bokeh, hexanon 6 angle star (we know what hexa mean ;D)


Flare test


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