Selasa, 18 September 2012

Konica Hexanon AR 28/3,5 AE

According to  This Konica site this lens was made around 1975
  • Focusing ring with checkered rubber inlay
  • Smallest aperture 16
  • 7 elements in 7 groups
  • Green AE mark
  • Round AE lock button
  • 55 filer ring

Some people mentioned this lens if someone asking for good 28mm lens. This is reason why I want to try it. I'm already have Schneider Curtagon 28/4 which I think the best 28mm I ever have.Curtagon is more expensive than this lens.
Other 28mm I 've tried are:
Leitz Elmarit 28/2,8
Enna Munchen 28/3,5
Vivitar/kiron 28/2,5
Tamron adaptall2 28/2,5
Enna Munchen 28/3,5
Pentax SMC 28/3,5

There're only tamron and curtagon left to compare with this hexanon. I guess its better than tamron, looks as good as curtagon, here comparison of Curtagon & this lens

New Ngasem market, background is Pulau Cemeti

between F8 and 11
First impression;
Sharp lens. from closest distance to infinity.contrasty. it has some CA.


crop from above

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