Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012

Carl Zeiss Planar 85/1,4 T* C/Y

Well known portrait lens from famous factory.
quiet heavy for Sony NEX.
8 blades with 1 meter minimum distance
It's an AEG version. smallest aperture F16 is green colored. ninja star blade at f2-2,8 indicate that.

Spec from
Lens Composition6 elements, 5 groupsLens Elements
Angular Field 28 degrees 30’
Minimum Focus1m (3.5 ft.)

F stop scale f1.4-2-2.8-4-5.6-8-11-16
Filter connection Screw in type
Lens Hood67mm G-13 soft hood, screw-in type No 4 metal hood (with 67/86 ring), screw in type
Weight595 grams(1.3 lbs)
Lens Size70x64mm(2-3/4x2-1/2 in)
Lens Cap67mm K-61, snap type

F2, see ninja star bokeh of this lens
F2 the later AEJ bokeh

Both pictures below shot with toy cam mode in NEX



It has CA at wideopen like other fast lenses, but sharp enough (sharper than my Hexanon 85/1,8 at wideopen). You have to be careful to obtain right focus, thin dof :)

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