Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Tair 11A 135/2,8 & CZ Sonnar 135/2,8 T* AEJ

I have the Zeiss for long enough, and I always satisfied with it. Now I have Tair 11A, which is said to be one of best 135mm lens ever made.
Phisically, Tair is heavier and little bit longer. all metal stuff, while Sonnar has rubber grib for focusing ring.
All have internal hood, but Tair is shorter, not long enough.
Blades? Tair has 20  blades, sonnar has 8.
Closest distance, Tair 1,2m Zeiss 1,6m
Both has CA and sharp start at wideopen.
This is not scientific test, just few minutes comparison in my backyard.
Camera Sony NEX5, white balance sunny, landscape mode.
There were other images, but speed was various so the tone cannot represent the real comparison. this happened because light was changed often.
No edit except resize & auto sharpen (in irfanview)
In the first comparison we can see Tair has more green color. while Zeiss has more pastel color
Click images for bigger one.

Fresh B/W from Sony NEX5 at 1,2m (closest distance of Zeiss)

This one was at F 5,6

My conclusion?
I like 'em both. 

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