Rabu, 03 September 2014

Visit to Banjarmasin 2

As a city called Thousand rivers, you can see nice view on rivers.
There's amusement park at river bank of Martapura River, we can visit there at day or night.
This is 4th floor of a building in the amusement park, I was waiting for sunset to came, but sun was hid, no nice view.

A man fishing with his boat, under the bridge. It was dark, I use my zuiko 42/1,2 fully open, and ISO maybe 800. the boat was bound, so it's not move fast. still it's moving slowly.

A seller on "Pasar Terapung" aka Floating Market,

Pulau Kembang, an island in middle of Barito river, only monkeys live here.

My guide, Mr Waru said, this Masjid is the oldest Masjid in town, belong to ancient kingdom.

Masjid Sultan Suriansyah gate
We can rent a boat to floating market from here

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