Selasa, 02 September 2014

Visit to Banjarmasin

I went to a place called City of thousands rivers". Banjarmasin.
It has so many rivers, you can find it everywhere you go.
Here's my street shot there.

View from Grand Mentari Hotel with Rogonar. first pict in here

My lenses:

  • Topcon Auto 20/4 RE + Zhong Yi lens turbo > for widest combo I can get with NEX5
  • Zuiko Pen F 42/1,2> best lens for 1 lens for all purpose.
  • Rodenstock Rogonar S 90/4,5 enlarger lens.> in case I need longer range, it's light weight. I rare using it in the end


Zuiko cropped

Martapura River, Topcon without LT

Food Seller in Pasar Terapung, Barito River , Zuiko

Iconic Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin, said to be biggest Masjid in town
Martapura River

My friend Alex and Mr Waru (our guide) with Zuikoon Pasar Terapung Barito River

Martapura River Topcon+LT

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