Senin, 23 Februari 2015

Rodenstock Rodagon 40/4 WA & SK Componon 40/4 WA

Rodenstock rodagon series have preset for aperture mechanism which can be set on certain aperture minimum (like Meyer preset), plus switch to change between click or smooth aperture transition.
Schneider Kreuznach componon has preset lever to switch from desired aperture to fully open aperture (like Helios 44-3 or Tair 11A preset), only click aperture no smooth option.

I cannot directly compare these two enlarger lenses because both have different back focus flange. Rodagon is shorter so that I cannot use same helicoid set up with Componon. I have to add m42 extension tube (thinnest) for Componon maximum use.

Rodagon crop

componon crop
 Shot comparison in sun light isn't good to judge color, tone, speed etc. Because in seconds light environment changed, so ignore these, I just wanna know how their sharpness at wide open.

Componon                                                                                Rodagon
My conclusion, Rodagon has better sharpness at wide open, however it has significant difraction at smallest aperture, f22, while Componon has less difraction.
At other aperture opening they perform similar except Componon has almost 5 star shape at f5,6 while Rodagon shaped pentagram. I will show you later.

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