Senin, 09 Maret 2015

Pisowanan Agung, people's present for the King

Jogjakarta Province had a branding named, Jogja Never Ending Asia which was created around 15 years ago. After all these times, many things have been changed. The most significant thing was acknowledgment of Jogjakarta status as Daerah Istimewa (Very Special Region) that was legalized with Act number 13/2012. 
The King of Jogja Palace who is also Governor of Jogja wanted to change the brand.
After interesting process involved Markplus, people, artist, graphic designer etc., finally the new brand was finished.
Official Brand
There's a hope with this brand, for better future.
on March 7th 2015 a carnival was held to celebrate the new brand.
All shot with Meopta 701/,4 and Rokkor 28/2 MC

some winners of Logo/tagline contributor


Goverment employees

The King, Sri Sultan HBX

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