Jumat, 20 Maret 2015

Embung Batara, Sriten, Nglipar

Local government built ponds to reserve water.  The pond is called Embung. One Pond is located in highest mountain in Gunungkidul, Sriten. So they call it Embung Sriten, local people call it Embung Batara.

route from Malioboro street

It took almost an hour from Wonosari to the peak. It's because of unfinished road to there. When I was there on February 2015 workers did their job to finish. It will need high cost to accomplish all site including road, facilities etc.
But we can go there and enjoy the view. I think sunrise/sunset time will be great view.

All pictures were taken with NEX5_Rodenstock Rodagon enlarger lens 28/4

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