Selasa, 07 September 2010

Canon FD 35/2 White/chrome Nose


This is FD mount lens but it's been modified to EF.

There are 6 kinds of this FD lens. The three versions with white nose, 2 SSC versions and 1 New FD version. Among those 6, Lens with white nose aka concave is said to be the most sharpest one, even coating is oldest. But it contains radioactive element called Thorium. Here you can see the details.
When I read about 'exceptionaly sharp' I was so interested, at the same time A friend was selling this lens along with other FD (20/2.8 if I'm not mistaken). I asked him, which one is the sharpest. He said its the white nose. So I take this lens.
First touch...hmmmm it so heavy for 35mm lens.

I'm really satisfied with its performance. Easy to focus, sharp.
Only the weight I don't like (when carrying it) but I like it when use it, give steady and stable.

My wife and my son


Planting paddy in Field

It can produce good color on a sunny day
Masjid Syuhada

Malioboro at night
Shot with flash

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