Rabu, 08 September 2010

Pentacon 200/4

Pentacon released the 15 blades 200/4 lens as a replacement of Meyer Orestegor 400/4.
When I heard 15 blades, I imagine it will be nice bokeh, and when I received it, hmmm.. looked promising.
It's arrived in my place with oily blades, little crack on front inside lens. Body's great.minor scratch. A little bit heavier than my Nikon 200/4 AI.

Pentacon 200/4 & Pentacon 135/2.8

Look at the bokeh

The use of 200mm lens for sunset/sunrise will produce great picture of cropping the sun. So if the weather is great, then we will catch the great sun picture.
I haven't found a real great one with this lens. But its focus sharp at infinity

Its good performer fo street shot too
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I like to use it for portrait, my son

Namanya juga lensa tele, harus ada contoh yang menunjukkan ke-tele-annya kan

o km
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