Kamis, 02 September 2010

Vivitar 28/2.5 M42

my wife's shot

This morning, Merapi volcano erupted, see ashes in leaves

Taken with EOS 650 + Lucky BW 100 film

For now this is the widest manual lens I own (16mm isn't wide lens, its fish eye I think). So I keep it. Edited, I have Tokina 17/3,5 now but I still keep this lens. :D
This lens was made by Kiron but the brand is Vivitar. The serial numbers begin with 22 is indicate this. As you might know, Vivitar didn't made all of their enses by their own. Some people says, the one made by Kiron is good one. Want to see Who made vivitar lenses? Check out HERE.
I only have one Vivitar at the moment, and this is made by Kiron. i think its a good lens.
Sharp enough to satisfy my 'sharp passion'.
67mm filter looks cool for me, but if you want a filter attached on it maybe a little difficult but not impossible, only uncommon. And I don't want spend my time to look for one. It goes for front cap that a little bit loose whcih make me more carefull when I carry it.

  blade   closest  farthest        øfilter size    body    aperture

    6         0.3m    7m - °°              67mm    metal   2.5 4 5.6 8 11 16 22

It has 2.5 widest aperture, this is good for close focus (it's written 0.3 meter) with good bokeh, I think :D

There were a parade near my office, and there's my 1000D with this lens attached. Then I ran in hurry, took some pictures. Too bad I didn't aware that the A/M pin is a little bit loose. So it often wide opened.
i think it produce rich color

I like the way it make star effect on light at night

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  1. Keren nih.. lagi demen yang wide-wide..

  2. lensa ini murah meriah, sy jual dulu dibawah 500rb


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