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Merapi Volcano eruption effect

Last edit 18 November 2010

Merapi is the most active volcano in the world. Since October 26th it begun more active. Many people died exposed by it's cloud.

These videos from local television TVOne show how destructive it is...

These pictures taken on 18 November 2010

Dusun Ngepringan

Dusun Srodokan

Dusun Srodokan

Dusun Srodokan

Thanx God I'm far away from it. Edited in November 8th, The danger zone is closing to my place! But ashes is everywhere in town.
Peak of Merapi , Rubinar 500/8

refugee's bike, vivitar 28/2,5

Malioboro, Ennalyt 135/3,5

front of my house,  vivitar 28/2,5

Ashes everywhere, morning with FD 50/1,2

vivitar 28/2,5

bridge destroyed by Merapi material, vivitar 28/2,5

refugees, vivitar 28/2,5

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