Kamis, 04 November 2010

Meyer Gorlitz Optic Orestor 135/2,8 Exa mount

Curiosity of brand "Meyer" than "pentacon" continues.. So I start look for this lens. I want to compare it with Pentacon 135/2,8.
This lens has 15 blades, that make it well known as the Bokeh Monster. I received it in oily blades, excellent body and clean glass. But there are some minor dust  in inner glass. I think it doesn't effect on image quality.

After some shots, I find that 15 blades make a different bokeh than Pentacon 135/2,8 6 blades. I like this 15 blades lens. And it's a preset lens which is more easy to get focus. I haven't explore it much. I hope I have some fun with this zebra, preset, and 15 blades lens. What a nice combination.

Samples now in wide open. It's 15 blades called monster bokeh, right?

This square bokeh taken with enlarger lens Meopta Belar

All wide open

Original file RAW edited in DPP & PS for crop & auto level

Original file RAW edited in DPP & PS for crop

custome setting on camera no edit

no edit standard setting

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