Rabu, 10 November 2010

Optimizing enlarger lens; Meopta Belar 75/4,5

This enlarger lens with zebra body has square blade. I like this combination.
I'm trying to explore it these days. At first I planned to use it for macro photography, as my friend said that, enalrger lens is the best for macro. Yes it's has magnification. And soon I find out that it can be used as a portrait lens, but without focusing ring (this time). Focus is fixed now.
1. EoS 1000D Camera
2. Extension tube M42
3. empty black film tube, used as extension tube. For portrait I cut almost half this tube.
4. stereofoam and tape

M42 extension tube, I only use the thinnest one

Here's the result, no edit;

Panning my son

Original file RAW, saved in PS

, Square bokeh, Original file RAW, cropped in PS

Now I played with NEX5

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