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Jupiter 9 85/2 M39

Got this item from Ukranian ebayer. It took around a month to be delivered.

There are some variant of Jupiter 9. The old silver version and range finder version is said to be sharper.  Mine is black version in M39 screw mount with 15 blades.
First shot was wideopen, just like some people say, soft focus for portrait. Well I have some sharp lenses, so I'm not expect sharpness from Jupiter 9. Then I tried focus infinity.. Ooops, it doesn't reach infinity with M39-EOS adapter. I asked mflenses fellow, someone said that it's common for M39 lenses. Well, I'll let it be, it's for portrait, not landscape.
Like some other old lenses with good bokeh, sharpness isn't important. Trioplan 100/2,8 fro example. I like bokeh of this J9

crop 100% from above

Data from
Focal Length: 85 mm (84.46 mm)
Relative aperture: 1:2
Angle of view: 28 °
Frame size: 24x36 mm
Front vertex focal distance: -73.42 Mm
Back vertex focal length: 40.71 mm
Distance from first to last the surface: 54.35 mm
Number of elements / groups: 7 / 3
Operating distance: 28.8 mm, 34.85 mm, 44 mm 45.2 mm 45.5 mm
Number of diaphragm blades: rangefinder and options for SLR cameras - 15
Limits the scale of the diaphragms: 1:2 - 1: 22
Closest focusing distance:
rangefinder option - 1,15 m
option for SLR cameras - 0,8 m
Jupiter-9-automatic - 1,2 m

lens with the camera: M24x1 ( Narcissus ), M39x1, mount Kiev / Contax, Kiev-mount machine, M42x1
for screw-in tips: SpM49x0, 5, M49x0, 75
for donning Tips: Ø51 mm
location for mounting filters: Forward

Resolution of N (center / edge):
Initial - 30/18 lines / mm
Jupiter-9-automatic - 32/23 lines / mm
Transmittance: 0.75
Formula Color: no data
Type of enlightenment: chemical, single-layered, multi-

length of the lens set to infinity, with lids:
ranging threaded version - 80 mm
option for SLR cameras - 65 mm
Jupiter-9-machine - 62 mm
maximum diameter of the rim:
rangefinder option - 60 mm
option for SLR cameras - 68 mm
Jupiter-9-machine - 56 mm
rangefinder option - 335 g
option for the SLR - 400 g
Jupiter-9-machine - 400 grams

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  1. hey , i have a mc-jupiter-9 2/85mm m42-mount and couldnt focus infinity too , not on m42-camera nor on adapter to fuji-x m1 . i had some experiments with it otherwise , i putted oil to the aperture blades (plastics) , that brought some extra friction to it , so this caused pretty chaos in the blades . aperture mechanism is exchanged to a black paper with hole in now.
    so i didnt bother to take the whole thing into pieces , after pulling whole aperture rings off i was able to get to the focus mechanism , screwing it apart , i saw 2 small aluminum rings subtracted aprox 3 mm distance off the focus-range. i took them off , put whole thing together without rings again , and now it perfectly focusses to infinity . its a worthy lens now .
    i dont know why this was made , but it is a clear nastiness in my eyes .

  2. Hi, thanks for reply...original M42 mount lens should be achieve infinity easily. Your case could be bad copy which is common for Russian lenses.or someone made mistake with it before


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