Senin, 27 Juni 2011

VEGA-12Б or 12B 2.8/90 P6 mount

My first attempt to feel medium format sensation is between CZ Biometar 80 or Volna 3. I was watching some listing on the bay of them. Then A friend offered me to relayed this lens from Eastern Europe, I have no information about it before. I just trust my good friend (thanks again Stefan). He said the lens is in nice condition. Yeah it's true.
Before lens arrived, I ordered adapter from chinese ebayer, P6-EOS. I combine it with EOS-NEX adapter in my little NEX.


  • Closest focus is 0,6 meter. farthest before infinity 10 meter
  • 6 'gold' blades
  • filter ring is 58mm
  • all metal body like other old Russian

This lens is awesome. sharp @ wide open.

great for sunset & silloute

not bad for birding

even my wife shot well

2 komentar:

  1. Dilepas berapa kang, mountnya bisa EOS ga...???

  2. EOS bisa,


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