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Mir 24M or Мир 24H, 35/2

Curious of this famous lens.
I got this Russian glass in Nikon AI mount. from ebay

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Playing with Color effect of  Sony NEX


Data from

Mir-24M, MC Mir-24M

Lens Mir-24M and MC Mir-24M designed for SLR cameras with a threaded coupling optics M42x1/45, 5 , were blinking (push) the diaphragm with the ability to disable it.
Differences between the world-24M and MC Mir-24M - a coated lenses.


Focal Length: 35 mm
Relative aperture: 1:2
Angle of view: 66 °
Frame size: 24x36 mm
Number of elements / groups: 8 / 7
Operating distance: 45.5 mm
Limits the scale of the diaphragms: 1:2 - 1: 16
Closest focusing distance: 0,3 m

lens with the camera: M42x1
for screw-in tips: M58x0, 75
for donning Tips: Ø60 mm
location for mounting filters: Forward

Resolution of N (center / edge): 40/21 lines / mm
Transmittance (MC Mir-24M): 0.90
Formula chroma (MC Mir-24M): 11 - 0 - 0

length of the lens without the caps: 62 mm
maximum diameter of rim: Ø64 mm
Weight: 370

Year of development: 1976
Calculation: GOI, AS N288346, BI N36 1970
Design: Khalitov RN, Novikova TK, leading optician - Martynov, VN
Production: Small-lot
Years of production:
Mir-24M - since 1976
MC Mir-24M - 1980, 1985

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